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Goat Guns Mini AR15 FDE

Goat Guns Mini AR15 FDE

FDE is a common color to put on the real ones. Making the black stand out, this tan M4 variant is a great collectors edition. 'Dust Off' joined Sarge's collection in June of 2019.

  • Comes with suppressor
  • Popular 'Flat Dark Earth' painted
  • 3 adjustable stock positions
  • Rear sight picatinny rail mounted
  • Charging handle pulls back & ejection port opens
  • Metal magazine with functioning mag release
  • Functional selector switch


  • With the stock adjusted at full length and a suppressor on, 'Dustoff' will measure a full foot (1' / 12" / 30cm) in length. It is painted FDE (Flat Dark Earth) against flat black making for one unique piece that all will admire. This scale model weighs 12 ounces.


  • This is one of the easier builds, expect 5-10 minutes of fun. No screws required, parts snap into place. 
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